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Do Your Words and Actions Align?

Actions speak louder than words. We are often asked to consider this maxim when what we are DOING is not in line with what we are SAYING. It’s true, your behavior can support or completely undermine the message that your words are conveying. In fact, the tone in which you say something or the vibe […]

Forget Being Smart, Just be Curious!

I recently led a workshop in which we talked about the power of questions when coaching people in the workplace. So many of us seem to go through life thinking we need to be smart and know all the answers.  I have been contemplating the impact of shifting the paradigm from being smart to being […]

Move Toward Success – Choose to Dance with Anxiety

Do you struggle with nervous stomach before you lead a meeting? Do you perspire a little more than normal just before you have to give a presentation? Are your hands shaking as you take the podium at a company awards event? If so, I have a solution for you. Greet your nervous stomach with affection. […]