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Kathleen Taylor-Gadsby


Kathleen Taylor-Gadsby, CPCC, PHR is President of KTG Leadership Solutions, LLC whose sole mission is to inspire people to be their best selves. Believing that all people have greatness within, her individual coaching and workshops focus on unleashing the participant’s talents so they can achieve their personal and professional goals in a way that is true to who they are.

Prior to owning her business, Kathleen was Vice President, Human Resources with TGI Fridays where she created opportunities, tools and programs to recognize and maximize employee contributions. She is a veteran of the hospitality industry with over 25 years in small, medium and large privately-held restaurant brands.

With a passion for open communication and a positive people orientation, her specialties include coaching, facilitation, training, team building and talent management. Former positions include Vice President Human Resources of Franchising; Vice President of Corporate HR, Diversity and Recruiting; Senior Director Field HR; and Director Training. She has also been a speaker and facilitator for conferences such as the Texas Diversity Council, National Restaurant Show, Multi-Unit Food Service Operators and Council of Hotel and Restaurant Trainers.

Kathleen enjoys time with her family, singing in choir, reading a great novel and laughter.

Kathleen is also the author of the handbook “The 180 Rule for Newly Promoted Leaders”.

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Kathleen is a joy to work with — she excels as much at giving concrete advice about the day to day aspects of a job search as at providing insight and thought-provoking questions about the big picture. She was exactly what I needed!

Emily H, Recent Masters Graduate, Now a Replevins Specialist

It has been said that switching careers, in terms of stress, is second only to the loss of a loved one. Kathleen has an innate talent for helping one navigate such a confusing, complicated time in their life. I went to her having little more than a nebulous idea of what life was “supposed to” look like, and she expertly guided me into what is now the most fulfilling career I’ve ever had. She is a true partner in introspection, and I could not have ended up where I am without her.


By establishing an authentic and genuine relationship where trust and honesty are paramount, Kathleen is totally non-judgmental and makes it easy to candidly share.  She assisted me in uncovering the skills, knowledge and abilities that I love, excel at, and am passionate about. With complete ease she then ‘pulled’ me towards the tangible work (action planning) that is assisting me to morph a compelling personal/professional vision to a new reality.

Tom Griffith, Strategic Advisor, City of Seattle/Seattle Public Utilities

The best way to see if coaching is for you is to schedule a complimentary 30-minute sample session. This gives you an opportunity to experience a typical coaching session and get to know our coaching style, allowing you to make a more informed decision.

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