Forget Being Smart, Just be Curious!

I recently led a workshop in which we talked about the power of questions when coaching people in the workplace. So many of us seem to go through life thinking we need to be smart and know all the answers.  I have been contemplating the impact of shifting the paradigm from being smart to being […]

Make Time and Re-energize Your Leadership!

I make a regular habit of walking. I like the solitude, the regular slap, slap of my feet on the pavement and the fresh air in my lungs. All leaders can benefit from their own form of solitude, exercise and fresh air, but too often we are unable or unwilling to find the time to […]

How To Take The Path From Tactical To Strategic

What do I do now? This is a question that most newly promoted leaders ask, at least of themselves. The transition between having a mostly tactic-focused function and that of a strategy focused leader of people can be a challenging shift. Getting stuff done (here and now) can be much more immediately satisfying than the […]