Building a bridge between goals and accomplishment

Writing a weekly blog requires discipline. As you may have noticed, I haven’t had this discipline for several months. Jim Rohn says that Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. In other words, it takes discipline to accomplish what we desire. So what does discipline look like? As I consider what others have written on […]

To be a great leader, be a great mentor!

Great leaders are great mentors. I was lucky to have had several bosses who served as my experienced and trusted advisors. Three of these stand out, in part because of their unique approaches. Talk Up, Not Down – When I was a young restaurant manager, I had two different general managers who made a habit […]

What Are The Keys To Being A Great Leader?

In the third in my series about great leaders, I want to talk about leaders as creators.  Of course, leaders create many things. The bottom line for me is that leaders create connections, opportunities and success. Leaders Create Connections. Leaders understand that leading is about relationships (and I don’t just mean relationships between humans). First, […]