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What Are The Secrets To Great Leadership?

Leadership training is prevalent in companies today. Whether the training is classroom based, on-the-job or experiential, it tends to focus on the “what” of the job. However, leadership is so much more than learning the skills to perform within the outlined job description. I believe great leadership is, above all, knowing and leading from our true […]

Five Thoughts on Leadership and Happiness, Inspired by Pope Francis

I recently ran across a 2014 interview with Pope Francis that highlighted his secrets to happiness. As I read through them, I was struck by how impactful his suggestions are when applied to leadership. With deep respect to the man who inspired them, here are five thoughts on leadership. “Be giving of yourself to others” […]

3 Road Signs to Finding the Zing in Your Career

Are you a “one right job for me” type of person, or do you think there are many careers in which you can use your skills, knowledge and talents? Once you have spent years in a particular function or role is it hard to imagine ever being able to make a change to a completely […]