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What Are The Secrets To Great Leadership?

Leadership training is prevalent in companies today. Whether the training is classroom based, on-the-job or experiential, it tends to focus on the “what” of the job. However, leadership is so much more than learning the skills to perform within the outlined job description. I believe great leadership is, above all, knowing and leading from our true […]

Life in Reflection: What Are Your Core Values?

If you are employed in a company of any size at all, you probably are familiar with the idea of corporate values. Most companies have a list of corporate values and some of these companies actually live them.  What about you? If someone were to ask you what your top 5 personal values are, could […]

New Energy for a New Year – It’s Time to Jump-Start 2016

I have never been one for making New Year’s Resolutions. However, this year, I’ve changed my thinking. I believe there is value in thinking about the New Year with a New Energy and now is the time to start. As you find yourself in November with the holidays and, yes, the New Year, looming large, […]