The “In Between” of Job Transition

This week we are re-publishing this favorite post from Feb 2014.  For those of you who, like me, have lived through or are currently experiencing that “in-between” place of job transition, you may see a barren desert between periods of employment. Instead, I would like to suggest that being “in-between” can be a very lush […]

Leveraging Your Strengths for a Super Bowl Win

With the Super Bowl in play, it got me thinking about the way athletes and sports teams approach leveraging strengths versus focusing only on development areas.  The corporate world tends to focus development actions on improvement areas, while the sports world requires their talent to focus on their strengths and to practice their areas of […]

Oreo Madness

I recently saw the endearing “Wonderfilled Anthem” Oreo cookie ad and it made me think about New Year’s resolutions (perhaps you’ve forgotten yours already). Have you seen these ads? I may be late in viewing this campaign (I’m not much of a commercial watcher), but not only is the namesake tune catchy, the message could change your […]